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When budgeting for capital projects across your campus, you need an approach that fits your strategies; capital budgeting is not a “one pot for all projects” activity. You typically have different approaches for the various types of capital projects you manage. For example, some projects are done only as needed (e.g., the associated system is run-to-fail) while you might not fund other projects until you are doing a major renovation in the same area.
VFA.facility incorporates the concept of “funding buckets” to enable institutions to easily implement their specific budgeting strategies.
This webinar will help you identify how to:
  • Define multiple funding buckets.
  • Associate projects with the funding buckets.
  • Prioritize projects so that you fund the projects that are most important within each bucket.

With VFA’s Funding Buckets feature, you can more easily and effectively implement your capital budgeting strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your campus' capital funding.

Featured Speaker and Subject Matter Expert:
Brad Miser, Principal Solutions Engineer