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Many studies have pointed to the correlation between the adequacy of a school facility and its impact on student outcomes. School facility factors such as building age and condition, maintenance, temperature, lighting, and air quality can affect student health, safety, and attention. Further, classroom and learning time can be lost due to lack of air conditioning, ventilation issues, and other facilities-related problems.


The funding levels sufficient for K-12 and other institutions to meet education quality goals has been a challenge that many states and districts grapple with, especially with tight budget allocations. This webinar will present the approach taken by the Colorado Department of Education in guiding their state’s public school facility managers on educational adequacy standards using VFA’s portfolio assessment and capital planning tools.


By attending this webinar, you will gain insights on:

  • Are your facilities supporting your mission?
  • Do you have the right amount of learning spaces in your facilities?
  • What’s the long-term solution for your overall portfolio and/or individual buildings?

Featured Speaker and Subject Matter Experts:
Dustin Guerin
Dustin Guerin, Supervisor, Statewide Facility Assessment
Colorado Department of Education
Joseph Xavier
Joseph Xavier, PMP, Senior Manager of Capital Planning