How can your organization objectively determine which capital projects to fund this year, and which should have the greatest priority?

In this webinar, we’ll present a case study describing the capital budgeting process implemented at a large research university. The speaker will discuss best-practice approaches for creating capital budgets that objectively balance the concerns of diverse functions and constituencies and align with strategic business goals. And, we’ll present prioritization strategies for ranking different types of physical capital investments—facilities, capital equipment—and compare various budget scenarios to see the impact of different investment levels.

This process has been successfully implemented at healthcare, corporate, public sector and educational organizations.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to align capital spending with long-term organizational objectives
  • Methods for focusing capital investments where they will have the greatest business value
  • Ways to employ an objective, data-driven process
  • Approaches for reaching stakeholder consensus about organizational priorities
  • How to employ repeatable processes for prioritizing capital projects and allocating capital funds
  • How the VFA.facility Capital Budgets Ranking Module enables the ranking of capital requirements based on organization-wide priorities

Thursday, March 12 | 11am - 12pm CDT


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Creating Objective Capital Budgets