Facilities and Operations are the second largest expense for education institutions. You know this.

However, did you know that they can also be a significant source of revenue?

With tightening budgets and resources, it is harder than ever to align university budget resources with the institution’s mission. Numerous stakeholders across the campus, from the Board of Trustees to faculty to student and parents, expect answers and explanations on prioritization of allocated funds: “Where does the money go?” and “WHY?”

Introduce a lens of disciplined, objective capital budgeting to your financial planning. Learn about how many universities and colleges have shaved off critical operating expenses such as deferred maintenance, and also seen an increase in the revenue generated by their facilities investment. Using specific scenarios and case-studies, this webinar will change the way your Finance team evaluates and presents budgets, allowing you to say “this funding is allocated HERE, because it is the best way to support our mission.”

This webinar will demonstrate successful data analysis and reporting strategies that will help your university Finance team:

  • Build sustainable, long-term capital budgets
  • Identify and prioritize projects based on sound, defensible criteria
  • Connect your institution’s mission and values to the allocation of capital funds and resources


Brad Miser

   Brad Miser, Principal Solutions Engineer

On-Demand Webinar