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Healthcare is an industry in which the equipment must work; people’s lives depend on it. And as equipment becomes more complex, it will be important for technicians to establish regular maintenance programs to prevent problems from developing.


The IoT represents a transformational opportunity for healthcare organizations to successfully acquire, analyze and act on the data produced. Using real-time insights and predictive analytics transforms service capabilities and will redefine the way you operate and do business.


In this Webinar, our Director of IoT Solution, Kapil Asher, will share strategies related to operational efficiency and performance improvements with real-world IoT solutions.


Kapil Asher
Director of IoT Solutions

Kapil Asher has been working on successfully integrating sensors in various industrial applications long before the term “Internet of Things” was ubiquitous. Having deep knowledge of cutting edge technologies, Kapil has been able to leverage their use in creating process efficiencies through automation. As Director of IoT Solutions, Kapil works with hospitals in identifying challenges related to medical equipment availability, compliance on preventive maintenance and monitoring environmental conditions affecting patient care. Leveraging LEAN methodology and technological nuances, he prescribes long-term sustainable solutions to achieve operational excellence and enabling hospital staff to focus on care delivery. Kapil’s specialties include sensor hardware including passive and active RFID, software architecture, data analytics and workflow optimization.